December 22, 2009

First post for RMS

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Let me start the first one.This is the introduction that most of my posts will be about GNU/Linux.I will tell GNU/Linux and will wish you also do the same because of the following reasons. GNU stands or ‘Gnu is Not Unix’ It was started by RMS(Richard M Stallman) as a project. It is a result of his strong urge for freedom in software field. He began after leaving MIT so it is not an MIT originated stuff. More and more intelligent people accompanied him in his journey for freedom and still continues.

When GNU was almost complete except the kernel, a student from Finland came up with a kernel Linux, named after his own name. Everybody knows how he is, the famous Linus Torvalds. But his intentions were different at first when he released the kernel as proprietary. Later he moved the license to GNU General Public license(GPL). He became a billionaire before he moved to GPL. He did nothing more other than moving the license compared to what RMS did for the free software movement. So calling the OS Linux and giving credits to Torvalds is “_____”. The GNU kernel Hurd is on its way but most of the GNU based software failed to do on Hurd. Lets hope the best.RMS fought many proprietary wars with software giants for patent issues, developed our ‘day to day command’ gcc(Gnu Compiler Collection),GPL,Emacs text editor, etc and still continues his triumph. So i dedicate my blog for that Great living legend.

I never said i dislike Linux kernel. I love Linux kernel and i am pretty used to its features. Compilation and run-level features are awesome. From now on I will share my GNU/Linux experience. I use Fedora 11 and my posts will be based on that.


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  1. All d best….expect nice posts….. Keep posting 🙂

    Comment by Shruthi V — August 1, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

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